10 Best Refrigerators in India (2020) – Buyer’s Guide & Reviews


India has seen massive growth in the Fridge/Refrigerator market over the past few years. But, it is important to note that buying a refrigerator isn't as simple as it appears to be. As a result in below article we have simplified your search by listing Best Refrigerators in India, based on intense survey and research.


It is extremely necessary to do research before choosing the Best Refrigerators for your homes. The narrower the choices, the easier it will be for you to choose the product, so we also highly recommend you to go through our best refrigerators Buying Guide.  

Best Refrigerators in India - Double Door

 1. LG 260 L 4-star Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator


LG is renowned as the best frost-free refrigerator manufacturers. The huge capacity of 260 liters refrigerator comes with a double door. Moreover, you also have a separate freezer box in this refrigerator.

Functioning on the ​Inverter Technology, the refrigerator provides you all the services of Smart Inverter Compressor of LG. Moreover, the ice beam door cooling facility is a cherry on the cake.

This refrigerator model has automatic smart connect facility (Auto Smart Connect is a technology that helps connect your refrigerator to home inverter every time the power goes off).

The refrigerator, however, is not only efficient but attractive as well due to the florid finish.

LG's Smart Diagnosis helps diagnose and solve any problems you may have with your refrigerator quickly and correctly.

Multiple cooling air vents distribute and circulate cool air to every corner of the refrigerator, ensuring proper cooling.

It is environment-friendly as it has a 4-star rating, thereby low energy consumption. The refrigerator comes with a one-year warranty while the Smart Inverter Compressor has a 9-year warranty.


  •  Energy Efficient 
  • Ice beam door cooling facility
  • Suitable for a family of 3-4 members
  • The solid finish makes it stunning


  • Rack adjusting difficulty
  • Small egg trays

2. Haier 320 L 3 Star Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator

(Model: HRB-3404BS-R/HRB-3404BS-E)

Haier has been in the refrigerator for quite a long time now. The HRB-3404BS-R model is a double door frost-free refrigerator. 

One of the most notable things about the model is the capacity of 320L. Therefore, this refrigerator is best suited for a family of 4-5 members. Nonetheless, it can be used by smaller families as well, depending on their requirements.

The ice-maker feature of the refrigerator helps to prepare ice in one hour itself.

The bottom part contains the crisper section that is meant for keeping the fruits and vegetables fresh. Being a frost-free refrigerator, it allows proper regulation of cold air in the fridge.

You don’t need a separate stabilizer as this fridge protects the compressor from power fluctuations.

Featured with toughened glass that can hold huge weight and will surprise you with its durability.

The refrigerator has a rating of 3 stars and comes with a warranty of one year.


  •  High capacity  
  • Spacious freezer (86L)
  • Faster cooling


  • A bit less energy rating

3. Whirlpool 265 L 4-star Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator

(Model: IF INV CNV 278 ELT (4S)

If you are looking forward to having an aesthetically pleasing and efficient refrigerator, then this is the right choice to make.

Since it is one of the latest refrigerators, it is made up of modern technologies, which eventually helps it to match user expectations.

The refrigerator has a capacity of 265L, thereby proving to be the most efficient for a family of 3-4 members. The interiors of the refrigerator are extremely efficient.

It does not make any noise while operating, therefore it can be helpful for regular working premises too. Apart from being frost-free, it comes with an auto-defrost feature which prevents ice formation.

It comes with some of the modern-day features of AI Microprocessors and 3 IntelliSense. Adaptive intelligence continuously analysis data to ensure optimum cooling for long lasting freshness.

The advanced IntelliSense Invertor Technology efficiently adapts the cooling according to internal load. It not only reduces energy consumption, but also ensures matchless performances even during power cuts.

The refrigerator has active deo feature that prevents odour formation. DeepFreeze technology ensures faster cooling. The refrigerator also has various flexi-vents that helps uniform cooling of refrigerator.

MICROBLOCK Technology prevents upto 99% bacterial growth, keeping fruits and vegetables fresh for longer.

The refrigerator has a one-year warranty with the compressor having a warranty of ten years.


  • Auto-temperature control  
  • Deep Freeze technology with flexi-vents
  • Helpful for a family of 4-5 members


  • Sensor buttons may be problematic
  • Small vegetable drawer      

4. Samsung 253 L 3 Star Inverter Frost-Free Double door Refrigerator

(Model:: RT28R3053S9/HL

When it comes to choosing refrigerators, Samsung is a very famous name. Over time, this refrigerator has become one of the most selling models.

The refrigerator has a capacity of 253L, and runs with the Digital Inverter Technology. This ensures that the compressor works at varying speed, which further improved the cooling and longevity of the compressor.

The refrigerator has rolling hinges that help you to slide the trays accordingly. The hidden hinges are one of the most attractive features of the refrigerator.

It has a twist ice-maker tray that allows easy removal of ice cube.

The drawer of the refrigerator has proper insulation which helps to avoid the moisture from escaping and lowers the insulation level. 

Most of the people are concerned about fluctuations in the temperature, and hence you do not need a stabilizer.

Samsung Smart Refrigerators with 3 star rating are one of the most energy efficient refrigerators thereby saving electricity and running cost.

Provides the ultimate in flexible storage. Easily convert your freezer into a fridge to create up to 88 liters of space for all of the fresh food you like or need to store in different seasons or for special occasions.

The refrigerator has a warranty of 10-year.


  • 10-year warranty on compressor 
  • Rolling hinges
  • Recess handles and hidden hinges
  • Digital inverter technology


  • Control knob may get stuck

5. Whirlpool 240 L Frost Free Multi-Door Refrigerator

(Model: FP 263D Protton Roy)

The most commendable feature of the refrigerator is that it has three doors, separating the freezer, refrigerator and vegetable box.

The refrigerator has a capacity of 240L. It is available in different colors such as alpha black and steel.

Powered by the  6th Sense Active Fresh Technology, which allows cool air to flow around the compartment.

The compartment is made of anti-microbial additive or Micro block, thereby preventing any bacteria. This is further beneficial for retaining moisture, preventing the formation of microbes.

Preventing the microbe growth in refrigerator can help increase the lifespan of vegetables and fruits.

Each section further consists of air boosters to ensure uniform cooling throughout. Since this a Multi-Door Refrigerator, it does not contain any energy rating. Nonetheless, it is extremely energy efficient.

One major drawback about the refrigerator is that the vegetable tray is not removable. Despite all that, it is a pretty beneficial refrigerator that can be easily used by a family of 3-4 people.


  • Micro block prevents the growth of bacteria and fungi
  • Air boosters ensure uniform cooling throughout the refrigerator
  • Capacity of 240 litre


  • Overstuffing can lead to fungal and bacterial growth
  • Absence of open door alarm

6. LG 420 L 4 Star Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator


If you want a combination of aesthetics, fresh and nutritious food, you will no longer need to struggle for it if you have LG 420L (GL- I472QPZX) Frost Free refrigerator in your house.

It contains all unique and innovative features that can match up to all your requirements. The latest technologies contribute to making it the best choice for you.

The refrigerator capacity is 420L which ensures it is meant for a family of 4-5 members.

The refrigerator uses inverter compressor technology which is meant for making it durable and enhancing the energy-efficiency of the refrigerator.

The interiors of the refrigerator are one of the most notable things about it. It has toughened glass shelves, so you can keep heavy things as well without worrying about breaking. 

The refrigerator has inbuilt auto-defrost feature which ensures no ice crystals are formed on the food.

The smart inverter compressor feature further makes it enable to adjust the temperature depending on the amount of food available. Since it has the silent feature, you won't be disturbed by the working of the refrigerator.

The refrigerator has auto-smart connect feature which helps it to connect with inverter automatically. As a result, even when there's no power, the refrigerator will be able to work effectively.

The smart diagnosis feature of the refrigerator makes it able to detect any existential flaws of the system.

One of the most notable aspects about this refrigerator is that it is efficient solar smart models. As a result, it will be fully operational just with the help of solar energy.


  •  Functional with solar energy 
  • Smart diagnosis feature available
  • Suitable for a family of 3-4 members


  • Aesthetically not pleasing; plain design
  • Absence of sturdy legs

Best Refrigerators in India - Single Door

7. LG 190 L 4 Star Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator

The first thing that will catch your eye is the color and style of the refrigerator. It is available in three different colors: Purple Dazzle, Scarlet Dazzle, and Blue Glow.

The 190-liter refrigerator has a 12.2-liter vegetable basket meant to keep your vegetables and fruits fresh. Undoubtedly, it is one of the most popular and best-suited refrigerators in the India household for its basic features.

The refrigerator ensured faster freezing in the fast freezing zone.

The bottom shelf, which people do not usually focus on is camouflaged as the legs of the refrigerator. It acts as a storage for all your vegetables.

One notable feature about this refrigerator is that it works on solar energy. As a result, you don't need to worry about energy consumption. This proves to be beneficial as it is energy efficient.

The refrigerator has lattice-type vegetable tray cover which is meant to maintain the right moisture to improve vegetable lifetime. The patented ice-tray further contributes towards speeding up the ice-making process.

Smart inverter compressor is designed to give unmatched performance, great savings, super silent operation and stabilizer free operation.

Electricity bills will be the last thing on your mind. All LG refrigerators are as per Energy Efficiency Standards by Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE).

The revolutionary smart connect technology helps you connect your refrigerator to home inverter in case of power cuts. Thus providing you the convenience of storing food for long without spoilage.

The LG direct cool refrigerators can operate at a voltage range of 90~310V ^. which means your refrigerator can work without a stabilizer too.


  • Tough glass shelves meant for holding weight 
  • Can work for 9 hours in case of power failure
  • Anti-bacterial gasket


  • Cannot hold much items

8. Haier 195 L 5 Star Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator

(Model: HRD-1955CSS-E)

Haier has the reputation in the market of providing their clients with the best of all products. Undoubtedly, this Haier 195L refrigerator holds the fact very much true.

Due to its innovative feature, Haier has made an absolutely stunning image in the market.

The looks and design of Haier are indistinguishable and extremely beautiful. It has very modern decor designed to meet the requirements of all types of home decor. 

The compressor has a warranty of ten years while the refrigerator comes with a warranty of one year. 

Families are often worried about children using the refrigerator and if you are one of them, this is the perfect refrigerator for you as it comes with the child lock feature.

The refrigerator has 1-hour ice technology and hence you can get the ice cubes in an hour. This further contributes towards preserving the food items for a long time. Basically, it preserves food for at least 7 days.

Our R-600a refrigerant gas makes our product environment-friendly. It reduces potential of ozone depletion and does not contribute to global warming.

Due to everyday use the Gasket may become dirty and dusty but this Refrigerator comes with an Easy gasket removal that can be cleaned and fixed again preventing fungal infection.

The heavy duty compressors make certain that you never spend a single penny in buying a separate stabilizer. It ranges from 135-290 volts. It helps make sure that the refrigerator is safe even though the voltage may fluctuate sometime.


  • Innovative design
  •  Child lock
  •  Preserves food for a long time


  • Absence of auto defrosting option
  • Not suitable for big families

9. Whirlpool 215 L 4 Star Inverter Direct-Cool Single-Door Refrigerator


This is one of the largest single door refrigerators designed to meet the convenience of users. Since it has a capacity of 215 liters, it can store a lot of items in it.

One of the best features about the refrigerator is the 6th Sense FreshControl Technology, which allows you to store fruits and vegetables for seven long days.

The refrigerator comes with the HoneyComb moisture lock feature which makes it easier for you to retain the crispiness of the vegetables for a long time.

The refrigerator further supports capillary technology, preventing leakage and allowing faster cooling. 

Despite being a single door fridge, it has an extra-large freezer box that makes it helpful for you to store your non-vegetarian foods.

It is one of the most convenient eco-friendly refrigerators available in the market as it consumes less energy. It can retain the energy even in high voltage fluctuations and hence you won't need a stabilizer.

The refrigerator has some extra features such as a shelf, deep chiller and more. The anti-bacterial basket is one of the most commendable features


  •  Eco-friendly 
  • Removable anti-bacterial gasket


  • Expensive

10. Samsung 192 L 4 Star Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator

(Model: RR20N182YU8/HL/RR20N282YU8/NL)

If you are looking forward to having an aesthetically pleasing single door refrigerator in your house, then this is the best choice to make.

Not only does it have an innovative design on the right, but the left portion is also complemented with silver handle on a backdrop of maroon background.

The refrigerator has tough glass shelves which are designed to help you carry the weight of around 150kg which helps to enhance the flexibility.

Since it is able to manage the high voltage fluctuations, you don't need any additional voltage stabilizer.

The refrigerator comes with a child lock feature, further preventing children from accessing it. One major advantage of the refrigerator is that it has a warranty of one year, with ten years warranty on the compressor.

Samsung Smart Refrigerators with 4 star rating are one of the most energy efficient refrigerators thereby saving electricity and running cost.

Samsung Refrigerator powered by the advanced Digital Inverter Technology makes precise cooling adjustments to keep your food fresh for longer. Along with that it, senses temperature changes and accordingly adjusts the compressor speed, reducing energy wastage.

Samsung brings to you its range of Solar Connect Refrigerators that run on Solar Energy. You leave no carbon footprint while saving yourself money (Connection subject to solar panel capacity installed at customer premises).

If you think it’s impossible for a refrigerator to run on an inverter, think again. Our revolutionary range of refrigerators can now run even during power cuts, making sure your food always remains as fresh as ever.


  • Child Lock Feature
  • No additional stabilizer required
  • Tough Glass Shelf


  • Manual defrosting 

How to choose Best Refrigerators for your home? 

Below factors one should consider,

Types of Refrigerator

Different types of the refrigerator are easily available in the market and are usually the single door, double doors, side-by-side doors and French doors.

Family with 1-2 members prefer purchasing the single door refrigerator.

while the families with 3-4 members purchase double door refrigerator.

However, if you are a bigger family,you may need to purchase the side-by-side refrigerators or French door refrigerator.

Single Door Refrigerator

The single door refrigerator is usually below 250L capacity. It functions using the direct cool technology and some of them have defrosted feature as well. The single door refrigerators are compact and consume less energy. Moreover, they are budget-friendly as well.

Nonetheless, the single door refrigerators usually have lesser space. But, if you are a non-veg eater, you will be very pleased with the freezer capacity of the single door refrigerators.

Double Door Refrigerator

In this case, the refrigerator usually has separate doors for freezer and refrigerator. The capacity of the refrigerator usually ranges from 200-700L. It is suitable for a family of 3-5 members.

The double door refrigerator contains freezer chamber, has adjustable shelves and supports the frost-free technology. As a result, you won't need to defrost it manually, usually in cases of single door refrigerator.

The double door refrigerator supports direct cool technology, and the automatic fans help in circulating cool air throughout the fridge. However, if you are using the double door refrigerator with automatic fans, it will consume 30-40% more electricity.

Although the double door refrigerators are expensive, they are extremely efficient and has a wide range of features as compared to the single-door refrigerator.

Side-by-side Door Refrigerators

The side-by-side door refrigerators have a capacity of 500-900L. As a result, it is the most suitable for larger families. The side-by-side door refrigerators have a wide range of features with the in-built water dispenser being one of the most popular types of features.

The side-by-side refrigerator is usually large which is why it will consume a lot of space. Most of the families in India not prefer buying these refrigerators because of the limited space. Nonetheless, the large double door refrigerator can be good as well to you.

What are the standard features available in Top Refrigerator brands? 

A refrigerator is one of the essential parts of the house. Whether you are looking for an expensive one or an affordable one, all of them are going to suit your needs. Whenever you are purchasing the refrigerator,

You need to ensure that it comes equipped with all the features you want. Some of the prominent features of a refrigerators are as follow,


Water and ice dispensers


Adjustable shelves and racks


Quick-freeze compartment

Cool Pack


Built-in voltage stabilizer

Moisture Control

Energy Star Rating

The EER (Energy Efficiency Rating) for refrigerators is updated annually which makes it imperative that you check for the latest rating. The rating is set over standard test conditions - the energy use may vary depending on the actual usage.


977 Units


782 Units


626 Units


501 Units


400 Units


What is Green Angle?

Most of the environment enthusiasts are concerned about the eco-friendliness of the refrigerator. The refrigerant can harm the environment. CFC is one of the most common refrigerants leaked through refrigerator which can eventually be harmful. As a result, before buying the refrigerator you should be looking at the rating.

Bureau of Energy Efficiency rated all brands and models based on their electricity usage. Checking the star rating can help find the most effective refrigerator. BEE rating is given for both single door and double door refrigerator. The single doors are usually direct cool, while the double door ones are frost-free.

The BEE ratings or markings are available beside the handle of the refrigerator. Whenever you are looking for energy-efficient refrigerators, you should prefer buying models that have inverter technology installed with it.

Inverter Compressor

This technology helps save electricity and also extends the compressor's life. It works by switching the compressor to a lower capacity when the temperature falls below the set temperature. When cooling is required, the compressor functions at maximum capacity again. This process translates to a saving of about 20 to 30 precent of the electricity consumed.

There are various Pros & Cons of both types of compressors.




Temperature Variation



Noise Emitted

Energy Consumption

Life Span

Direct cool vs Frost free

Frost - free refrigerators use electric fans to keep stored food fresh and, as the name implies, they do not need to be manually de-iced or defrosted because there is no ice build up inside the fridge.

Direct cool refrigerators use natural convection and are considered to preserve food for lesser time. All direct cool refrigerators usually need to be defrosted periodically.

Direct cool

Frost Free

Energy Savings

Food Preservation

Energy Consumption



Cooling Type

Natural Convection

Electric Fans

Conversion facility

Today, you have an innovative technology that allows you to convert the freezer into a fridge and vice versa depending on your usage. The main advantage of this facility is that it can increase the storage capacity of the refrigerator.

Additional factors to consider when buying a Best Refrigerators? 

Whenever you are planning to purchase a refrigerator you will need to take into consideration a lot of factors. Some of the prominent ones include the following,

  • Capacity
  • type
  • after-sales

The capacity usually varies depending on the needs and requirements of the family. Moreover, it also depends on the number of members in your family.


Today most of the Refrigerator manufacturing companies have come up with latest technology and amazing features which will not only take care of your food items but also your electricity bills and maintenance cost.

We have performed comprehensive research on various factors and gathered all the require information at one place in our article, so that you can go ahead and pick up the Best Refrigerators for your home with the click of the mouse at ease.