Top 5 Best Semi-Automatic Washing Machines in India (2020) – Buyers Guide & Reviews

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With stylish design as well as smart features, semi-automatic washing machines offers you a convenient washing experience. These versatile machines, simplify effective washing for diverse stuffs that can remove 7 household stains easily.

Below listed Top 5 Best Semi-Automatic Washing Machines in India 2020 comes with industry’s leading innovation that takes care of consumer needs and also facilitates longer life of machine.

Best semi automatic washing machines in india

Top 5 Best Semi-Automatic Washing Machines in India 2020

1. Whirlpool 7 Kg Semi-Automatic Washing Machine


top washing brands in india

This washing machine features supersoak technology and in built collar scrubber for tough dirt removal. The machine has been equipped with a special scrubber to give perfect wash every time.

Impeller fitted in this washing machine provides perfect motion for clothes to remove dirt effectively. 

Super soak feature helps easy removal of tough dirt by continuous soaking and scrubbing action for 25 minutes with super soak technology.

Provides easy mobility with 4 wheels and activates buzzer at the end of the cycle.

2. Samsung 7.2 kg Semi-Automatic Washing Machine 


top washing brands in india

This Samsung Semi Automatic Washing Machine comes with several intelligent features that help provide a good wash to clothes, curtains, linen, etc. Having a separate dryer and washer saves a lot of water in comparison to an automatic machine that requires continuous flow of water, but does not compromise on the cleaning it brings to dirty clothes.

The “Jets of water” generated from the centre of the pulsator improves washing effectiveness by lifting any clothes that fall down onto the surface of the Pulsator, preventing tangle.

The air turbo drying system in this machine spins the drier at a high speed while the dual air-intake system draws in more air to dry the clothes at a good speed. The Indus2 system draws out more air from your clothes to dry them faster and more efficiently.

The scrub board is built-in to provide a typical hand wash impact to the clothes to get rid of stubborn stains.

The washing machine comes with an inbuilt and detachable lint filter that collects loose threads, lint and hair and prevents them from settling at the bottom of the washing machine.

3. LG 8 Kg 5 Star Semi-Automatic Washing Machine 

top washing brands in india

Make clothes washing a hassle-free activity with the LG P8035SPMZ 8.0kg Top Loading Semi Automatic Washing machine.

This washing machine comes with the roller jet pulsator helping to add up friction to the clothes which result in the removal of dust and mites to give you a better wash quality.

It has a 3MM plastic cover with rat repellent chemical to prevent rats from entering the machine.

The machine can be moved in any direction with its 360 Degree wheels, which ensures swift movement and rotation. 

4. Whirlpool 7.2 Kg Semi-automatic Washing Machine 

top 5 best semi automatic washing machines

Whirlpool 7.2 kg semi automatic washing machine comes with features such as inbuilt scrubber and lint filter to wash clothes effectively.

With multi-utility tray one can stack and arrange clothes. A special scrubber has been added in the wash tub to give your clothes a perfect wash every time. 

Lint filter allows effective collection of lint so that clothes come out clean & fresh after every wash. During power cuts, the machine remembers where it stopped and starts from the exact position when the power comes back.

Removes left over detergent from your clothes in your spin tub for clean soap-free clothes. It's aerodynamic design circulates air in the spin tub for effective drying of clothes.

5. Godrej 8.5 Kg Semi-Automatic Washing Machine

top 5 best semi automatic washing machines

The Edge Pro Semi-Automatic washing machine delivers what we like to call, the "Pro Wash", which doesn't just offer a superior wash, but also makes the entire process of washing clothes, that much easier with it’s state of the art Aquajet pulsator and a wash tray.

The large surface area of the aquajet pulsator helps in generating higher turbulence assuring you of better wash quality.

Clothes can be soaked prior to wash for 20 mins for effective stain removal. During this time, the gentle action of the pulsator loosens tough dirt from them. This is specially useful for heavily soiled clothes.

Its multi utility wash tray helps you scrub & rinse your clothes conveniently. The ribs on the wash tray helps you wipe off tough stains which require extra treatment. The tray also makes it convenient for you to carry dried clothes.

The unique design of the Edge Pro’s spin tub ensures that your clothes get a uniform rain shower like feel thus giving you detergent free clothes.

Best Semi Automatic Washing Machines - Buying Guide

What is a semi automatic washing machine?​​​​​

A semi automatic washing machine is a double tub machine that washes, rinses, and spin-dries your clothes for you. You have to add the water to the tub before washing your clothes, and then will have to drain it when the cycle is finished. Using a semi auto washing machine is this simple:

  1. Add clothes to the tub.
  2. Add water and washing powder.
  3. Select the length of the wash.
  4. When the wash is completed, drain the water and then add more water for the rinse cycle.
  5. Drain the water.
  6. Transfer the clothes to the spinner tub.
  7. Remove the clothes and hang them on the line to dry.

Decide on the Capacity

Below table will help in providing rough idea about the capacity of the washing machine you should opt for,

What are the pros/cons of semi-automatic washing machines?


  • These don't need a permanent water connection and also use less water than the fully automatic ones  
  • You can also closely regulate the wash cycle in this type of washing machine, which ensures that you don’t end up using more power than required
  • Less on cost compare to fully-automatic washing machines


  • These machines require manual intervention


Thanks to the E-commerce sites and the internet world which provide you all the necessary information at the click of the mouse. As a result our listed Best Semi-Automatic Washing Machines available in the Indian market will help you in taking the right decision.